To order from Goecolo, you need to be registered as Shopper. So click Shopper icon in menu and create your shopper account to get started.
Just create your account by clicking on Store Owner in menu and follow the indicated steps.
Currently we are serving Montreal, Qubec area for store owners who do not provide home delivery. If you are a store owner and you provide home delivery service, you can register from anywhere in Canada.
Add items to your cart and click on store selection.
The store selection page lists all stores that carries at least one of your cart items within 3 mile radius of your saved zipcode. Please note that you can access details of items in stock at perticular store by clicking on the counters in 'Qty In Stock' column.
The price column displays total price of all items in stock at perticular store. So you can carefully compare prices at your nearby stores.
Goecolo shipping charges are flat fee of CAD $ X + CAD $ X per mile based on your shipping address. Some stores may provide their own delivery services, in which case shipping charge is set by stores and it will vary by your order total and store selection. You can view final shipping charge on Checkout page.
On our site you can compare prices of availble items from all registered stores in 3 mile radius of your saved location. We help you save money & time.
Currently Goecolo does not take returns, however unless already shipped, you have until one hour after the order is placed to cancel your order.
Yes. as long as the store has his items sold and prices updated.
To safeguard your right we have put a system to allow you to keep track of all your orders, so you need to register in order to order from Goecolo
Goecolo is a platfom that allows you to shop for your favorite products in a convenient, economical and ecological way, Goecolo bases its searh on the actual prices you can have in any store hence, you will benefit from the same price at any store. Goecolo allows you to search for the best price quality match and displays the items in a user friendly way
Store owner have total control on the prices they sell over Goecolo
There is no minimum nor maximum as long as the store (if the store is physically delivering your items) or Goecolo deems your order deliverable
If you chose a delivery time, it will automatically be the next day available time, or anytime you deem convenient as long as it is scheduled list.
Yes, you will be charged separately for delivery charges
The system displays stores who offer the items that you are looking for within a radius of 3 miles, in consequence Delivery occurs within a three miles radius of your store
You can simply change the zip code, items, stores and prices will be updated accordingly
Please click the link on the Change your postal/zip code, a pop up will appear and it will allow you to change your location
We are currently working to bring you a mobile application. You can always use the site on a mobile device or tablet as we have designed it to adapt to any possible environment.